For the last 20 years, I have taught courses to the full spectrum of the student population at the institutions I have served. As a theoretical physicist, I am delighted to share with my audience -- be it colleagues, students, or the general public -- the known facts and deep mysteries of the curiously non-intuitive place that is our Universe.

In 2020, I was the recipient of the President's Fritz B. Burns Distinguished Teaching Award, the highest such honour bestowed on LMU faculty.

In Spring 2023, I am teaching the following courses:

  • PHYS 2600: Foundations of Modern Physics

An introduction to special relativity (SR), quantum mechanics (QM), and statistical thermodynamics (ST). Selected topics include (SR) frames of reference, Minkowski diagrams and space time structure, causality, Lorentz transformations, four-vectors and Lorentz invariants, relativistic conservation laws. (QM) failures of classical theory, wave-particle duality, models of the hydrogen atom, emission spectra, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, wave functions and probability, the Schrodinger equation. (ST) Statistical interpretation of entropy, the Laws of Thermodynamics.

  • PHYS 3740: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Scientific principles underlying nuclear weaponry, including basic atomic theory, fission, and fusion; quantifying effects of nuclear explosions; exploring the history, development, and use of nuclear weapons, including potential nuclear terrorism scenarios; social, political, and ethical ramifications of the nuclear arms race and the Cold War.

  • PHYS 4850: Senior Thesis

Independent research with a faculty member in his/her area of expertise; students must complete a written thesis and oral presentation.